It’s no secret that the Bay Area’s booming tech industry is driving up demand for individuals with a computer science background. Therefore, it’s shocking that less than half of all high schools in California offer computer science courses. Thankfully, there are many free coding classes for high school students that can help them understand coding concepts without a traditional classroom setting. Read on to learn about the 5 best options for learning to code online.

1. YouTube University

Although YouTube may not be a real university, it can certainly be educational. YouTube’s enormous selection of free content makes it easy to pick up…

One of Mission Bit’s most involved students, Rafael Perez, has made it his goal to attend all five classes before college. Rafael has completed both JavaScript and Python courses in just one year. He hopes to major in Computer Engineering and return to Mission Bit as an instructor in the future. Rafael hopes his devotion to Mission Bit will help him in his AP Computer Science class and allow him to be a step ahead of other prospects in the college admissions process.

“Mission Bit offers in-depth coding classes that you wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else. I would…

Student Art created in the Deep Dream workshop

When scrolling down the homepage of Mission Bit’s website, it doesn’t take long before readers come across a list of core values, the first of which is social justice. Mission Bit defines social justice as,

“Providing equal opportunities for the underrepresented & under-resourced.”

This value was on full display this summer when the team at Mission Bit asked students Alyssa Wu and Natalie Huang, two members of the Student Advisory Board, to lead their very own coding workshop.

The San Francisco Foundation has awarded the Koshland Young Leader Award (KYLA)to three Mission Bit students: Lilian, Johnny, and Agnes. Each student was given ten thousand dollars for college. This award is to honor San Francisco juniors in high school who show community leadership and academic promise despite extreme challenges in their lives.

Mission Bit students attended a virtual field trip with Verizon’s 5G Lab this Summer. During the trip, students were introduced to some of the latest projects members have been working on with the use of 5G, virtual reality, and augmented reality.

One of the featured projects was Verizon’s 5G AR Museum of Warships. This museum features video game developer and publisher Wargaming’s ships from their game, World of Warships. Users can see the ships by pointing a device’s camera to a flat surface and physically move with the camera to get a closer look. …

It’s no secret our students are future-focused. After all, 95% of Mission Bit students consider studying Computer Science in college after attending their first Mission Bit class. But the gaps between wanting to go to college, planning for it, and realizing the dream of opening a mailbox to a coveted admissions letter can be daunting.

Mission Bit helps provide the bridges to span those gaps.

For students like Jessica Lin and Natalie Huang, Mission Bit was exactly what they needed to actualize their goals of becoming UCLA students.

Prior to attending classes in Web Design and Python at Mission Bit, Jessica Lin felt intimidated by the idea of pursuing a…

Mission Bit is such a unique nonprofit. I don’t think I would’ve ever experienced or seen what I have without them. Mission Bit is a nonprofit organization based in San Francisco, California, dedicated to providing underrepresented students with exposure to Computer Science. Most recently, a team of Student Ambassadors (part of Mission Bit’s Student Advisory Board and a leadership group of high school students from different schools) and I received a #Tech4AllSF campaign grant from the Youth Empowerment Fund with the YMCA of San Francisco.

The grant written this year resonates with Mission Bit’s mission statement and hits close to…

While many professions and career paths are often clear or highlighted in mainstream media, tech still is unknown territory for many students regardless of gender. For young women to find role models in the tech field is an even more significant obstacle. Throughout the month of March (and really, every month), Mission Bit highlighted women in tech, from historical figures and pioneers in the field to young female professionals currently working to bridge the gap.

Here at Mission Bit, we strive to not only promote diversity in tech but do our best to create a community within those underrepresented demographics…

We are deeply saddened and angered by the increase in violence towards the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community, following a year of xenophobic rhetoric and racist attacks amid the pandemic. The latest attack in Georgia against the AAPI community along with the recent attacks that have occurred in the San Francisco Bay Area are reminders that our fight to dismantle racism is ongoing. Our thoughts and prayers go out to those who have been affected.

Mission Bit stands in solidarity with the AAPI community.

We stand against racial and social injustice.

We strive to create a welcoming and…

Bridging the Youth Tech Divide 2020 is a free conference led by SF youth for SF youth, seeking to inspire attendees to explore the potential and possibility of a career in tech. We recognize the vast disparities that prevent many youth from seeking out a tech career; including, but not limited to, a lack of diversity, economic inequality, and systemic racism.

The conference will feature speakers from Facebook and Slack, relating their own stories and insights to youth interested in breaking into tech. Bridging the Youth Tech Divide will also feature a panel consisting of an array of professionals from…

Mission Bit

We expose young people to tech and empower the next generation of innovators ✨ 📍SF | Oakland | Bay Area

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